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The Folliott's from Wiltshire
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Descendants of Jonathon Folliott of Wiltshire, England
The Folliott's
The Folliott's
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Family Background
George Henry aka Henry Stewart was born in Scotland in 1787 and married Agnes Scott in 1814 in Roxburghshire, Scotland.  

He came to Canada with his wife and family in 1831 and settled on a farm in King Township, York Couunty, Ontario, Canada.  They had children Mary, Allison, James, John and Robert.  He acquired the farm at Lot 5, Concession 2 in King Township.  This farm had been deeded to Jas. McCauley by the crown on November 25, 1802. He and his sons cleared most of the farm. Henry was very well know and respected in the community. He was a member of Council of King Township and also served as a Justice of the Peace for many years.

The nearest settlement had no name.  It was a Mr. James Love, a Methodist who did not approve of alcohol, that built the first store and ran it with his wife Mary.  James and Mary and their three children settled on Lot 67 King Township in the year 1804.  When the store was opened the community that sprang up around it was known as "Love's Corners" because of the store's owner.  In those early years, alcoholic beverages were in evidence at every social function.  It was daring to attempt a barn raising, or a church raising, or a bee of any description without the use of liquor.  Hotels with bars were numerous but none ever existed in this community despite the fact there were those who favored the idea.  Fearing the opening of a hotel with a bar, Mr. Love sold the store and moved.  The village that bore his name but was later changed to Temperanceville.

The Presbyterian Church:  It was located on the south west corner of the second concession of King (now Bathurst St.) and the King Side Road.  James Stewart took over the farm after his father’s death and deeded the land for the church and cemetery in " Love's Corners" (Temperanceville) from a corner of the farm.  The church was built in 1858

The church was closed in 1912 and converted to a house.  At the time of closing several graves were moved to King City Cemetery however several graves remain.  In order to move the graves at that time, permission had to be granted by all the descendants.  Mary Stewart, daughter of Henry, married Thomas Folliott and it was the opinion of the Folliott’s that they should remain in their final resting place.  With the Folliott’s withholding permission all the connected graves could not be moved either.  As a result, the Stewarts, the Folliott’s and the Scott’s are the only ones left there. (Allison, daughter of Henry married Thomas Scott.)

Of all the many descendants of Henry Stewart there is not one left living in Temperanceville.  James Stewart Paxton was the last.  He sold the house in the 1980's and went to live with his son in Zepher.  He died in Beaverton at 92 and is buried in the cemetery at King City, Ontario, Canada
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