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The Folliott's from Wiltshire
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Descendants of Jonathon Folliott of Wiltshire, England
The Folliott's
The Folliott's
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Family Background
The first known Boynton ancestor in Canada was William Boynton, born 1876 in England. He married Frances Cass in Yorkshire, England in 1820.  They settled in Reach Township, Ontario, which today would include Whitby and Port Perry. Documented history of the early settlers show William Boynton arriving in Prince Albert in Reach Township, Ontario County in 1824.  He built the first tavern in Prince Albert. If these facts are correct, then the assumption that William's other children, Bartholomew, Edward, Robert and Mary where born in Canada, not England as presumed.

The families lived in the Reach Township area and in Kirkfield, Ontario.

John Boynton, son of William, was an Inn Keeper.  He first married Ann Gillespy in 1845.  The marriage record is hard to read and was first transcribed as Ann Spilsky.  They had one son William G. Boynton in 1848.  It appears that Ann disapeared some time before 1858.  It is not known if they formally divorced or not.  John then married Maria Vickery, a widow, in 1858. She had a son Albert John Wesley from her first marriage. They would have five more children.
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